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Home Videos Collection doesn't work for me


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Hi all,

I've setup a collection as "Home Videos", for my family and vacations videos. The collection points to the same UNC path where my home videos were stored for use with my MB2 installation, but MB3 apparently refuses to work with them.


The issue is that I can see the videos titles (like in "Home Videos 1" screenshot attached), but when I click on it, instead of showing the details, I get what you see in "Home Videos 2" screenshot...nothing!


The behaviour is the same with the web client and the MBC client. I've tried by adding specific movies.xml files, formatting them as if the were movies, but nothing has changed.


Is this a known issue?


my MB3 Server version is 3.0.5105.17830 while MBC version is B12-4.1


Thanks in advance for any help






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