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A very Undesirable feature in Emby Theater!


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First thing first.

Great kudos to you guys migrating the model of MediaBrowser into this new format of server-client. I was a disciple of MB years ago when I was a paying member for goodies like Coverart and various themes. I eventually couldn't deal with the frustrations of fumbling codecs (I remember Shark007, I believe? and the likes). This present model is great, even more so the integration of Kodi. Stopped paying for Plex and now back with guys who gives me the option to configure things the way I want it and not one size fits all.


So please keep this basic principle of giving us a choice.

When playing music through the new Emby Theater, it goes into screensaver mode after a few minutes. This is an absolute no no no. I want to see the fanart of the current playing media as well the song/artist/album. I don't want to see random pictures from my movie and music collections. And while displaying the fanart, stick the album cover of the song in a corner along with the song title. Please give an option to turn off this screensaver mode. Thank you.


For now I have stopped using Emby Theater for playing music.

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