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Can't play movie : Error opening filters


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I use mediabrowser wwhile a long time. Very giid job for this server, theater etc.

Now i try WP8 apps. I have no problem for music but impossible to play movies.


When i try a movie, apps try for somes seconds then show "The video failed to play"


In ffmep log i can find :


[AVFilterGraph @ 0439f2c0] No such filter: '666666666667/2)*2'
Error opening filters!


I have just one movie wich work, maybe source size ?


Thanks for our support.

Error - ffmpeg-284ccc10-fc2b-43c9-b54d-92a92a23200c.txt

Error - ffmpeg-450fcf66-4ddc-49d5-af0b-a7a06a2b92fa.txt

Work - ffmpeg-55cc8e33-af94-4075-8cff-35771ccf30c2.txt

WP8 log.txt

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-vf "scale=trunc(800/2)*2:trunc(333,333333333333/2)*2" 


should be


-vf "scale=trunc(800/2)*2:trunc(333.333333333333/2)*2" 


comma rather than period.


Not sure how we can combat it as it.


Ffmpeg is seeing the , as a filter chain divider

Edited by Tikuf
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