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Collections Disappeared After Upgrading to v3.0.5871.0


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The title pretty much sums this one up, a few observations...


 - after upgrading, I was unable to expand the collections in Metadata Manager

 - a quick look in Firebug showed a 500 error being returned.

 - the collections where still showing in the web UI.

 - restarted emby, collections can now be expanded but tree is empty.

 - collections also missing from web UI.

 - added collections back from web UI.

 - movies/shows that were originally part of the collections automagically re-appeared.



- James

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Hi Luke


A couple of other observations:-


 - when connecting to the server directly after the update, I saw the database upgrade % complete progress messages.

 - when the server manager page loaded, a library scan was already in progress.


The log file attached is the first one created after starting the server following the software update.


The following entry in the log may be of interest, as this was the only surviving collection following the upgrade: "2016-02-18 13:18:01.4744 Debug App: Saving /usr/local/emby/var/data/collections/Christmas [boxset] to database."



- James


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