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Cleaning misidentified series metadata...


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I've found a couple of series that have been misidentified, and have all the wrong details, season, episodes, etc (i have missing/unaired turned on)

I've managed to reidentify a series and the main page now reads correctly, and the single season it has shows up...


But i'm left with all the clutter from the misidentified series, including episodes in the first season where the misidentified series simply had more episodes...  Plus all the extra seasons, etc....


What's the best way to deal with this?


Is there a way of deleting the whole tree of metadata for this misidentified season so that it can then fill with only the new, correct data?

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i would try using the identify feature on the series

I've done that.  I found the correct one and it filled in the correct data overwriting the old wrong data...


But it's left with all the other junk... the seasons that the wrong season had (It had 9, correct one has 1)

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All good!


The library scan did indeed tidy everything up as it passed through this tv series.  All the old junk from the wrong series is now gone, leaving just the correct metadata.



Is there a way to fast-track this tidy up on demand?  Or is the library scan the only way?

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