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Sync - replace original File with the sync'ed one


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Hi there,


I am using Emby for 2 month now and for 2 weeks i had decide to get the lifetime Emby Premiere license, cause i really appreciate your work and I like to contribute to the Team on this way :)


So Thank you for such a great Product :)


My Situation:

I have a linux Sat Recorder which records some TV Shows and Movies for me on the hard drive of the Recorder, with the auto organisation from emby my NAS gets the files stored and sorted, until here everything is perfect.

The Files from the Recorder are .ts, they are very big and not really compatible to the most devices in my house, so I used the FolderSync Plugin (I like this future the most on Emby :-P) to get the files in .avi which is a way better for my use with Chromecast, Tablets and so on...

The converting works like it should, but I would like to have the option to replace the original .ts file with the .avi file, because i don´t need the .ts file anymore and i would like to have only the .avi file stored in my libary if the converting was successful, would it be possible to get such an option in the Sync settings?


Ps. Is it possible to create a own Profil in FolderSync with a other format like .mkv?


Sorry for my bad english :-P

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Have you seen the latest feature in the latest server release? To auto transcode live TV recordings to a more compatible format? It sounds like it will achieve exactly what you want in a much simpler way than you are doing it now

Edit : see here : http://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-286-emby-server-305870-released/

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