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Sync facility available through Web UI for users who don't have the option ticked for them


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As above, users are able to sync from the web ui when their account options are set to not allow it:


Simply clicking the hamburger top left then selecting a library, such as TV in my case, then all of the usual sync buttons appear for them.




The user profile is set as follows:




Running Server Version 3.0.5821.0

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Looks like when sync options are disabled they are removed from the item not library level.


I don't use sync, so does clicking the sync button shown on all libraries allow anyone to sync specified media?  I know the button can be permanently removed via Custom CSS.


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Yeah, they get full functionality out of the button. 


I only found out when I have just spotted 238 movies being synced by someone who doesn't have the functionality enabled! haha


I've already removed using CSS  but thought it worth reporting all the same, plus I use the sync facility on my own account so its not the most workable moving forward. I'm sure it'll be fixed properly tho.

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Maybe that someone should be banned from your server!


238 movie syncs can tax your server and upstream internet connection.

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