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IsPurchased Result: ....Failure responsible for photos not syncing


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Android Log



Do i have a problem with the app not knowing ive purchased it...and is this the reason my photos are not syncing?


Done a full uninstall and reinstall from google play store.....


v.2.5.80 client

Version 3.0.5877.22429 server


Camera pic storage custom location M:\Camera


when i manage server from android it does not say "thank you for supporting emby"...it does say so when viewing from server.




edit that said i can play content ..so it must know its paid for...

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any suggestions on what logs and troubleshooting i can do to get to bottom of photos not syncing please luke?



when i click on sync in android settings...other sync types respond with a ui to eg add an email address...the emby sync does nothing and just sits there with a green icon (presumably means on)..

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I just tested on the latest open beta version with no problems. Did you enable camera upload under the app's sync settings?

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thanks that was the bulk of the issue....i had not enabled that setting.


Now that i have enabled.. its syncing but....

whatever i define as the camera upload location on emby server....


Syncing syncs to <Embyserverdefinedsynclocation>\Camera\...........ie always creates a subfolder "camera" and places images in there.


i dont have a device specific path configured on emby server,,,,

I have tried lots of  different camera upload paths with same result.including no path defined (use appdata folder)

i have tried choosing a specific path on the android app>settings>sync..ie Device\DCIM\CAMERA


I have tried clearing android app cache, uninstalling android  app, restarting server,....

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