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Roku Playback Issue


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I installed this a few hours ago on my MacBook Pro and Roku 1.

The Roku 1 connects to and sees all the media in my folder, even creating thumbnails from the media. But once I press Play, the blue "retrieving" bar gets just under half way across and freezes. It stays like that for a minute or two, then returns to the previous screen. A transcode log is created, but no transcodes are created in the "transcoding-temp" folder. I've tried AVIs, MOVs & MP4s using an h264 or MP4 codec.


Please note that if there's a preferred codec / wrapper combo that would make streaming easier or more efficient, please let me know as I would have no problem transcoding my files as needed to accommodate the process.


As instructed, I'm attaching the server log and transcode log.


Any help would be appreciated.






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Yea it looks like ffmpeg is failing with exit code 133. I'm trying find some mac documentation for what the exit code means. It is possible that it hasn't been granted execute permission for whatever reason.

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Try this procedure to grant execute permissions to ffmpeg and ffprobe



2016-01-10 13:56:19.0931 Info App: FFMpeg: /Users/charlesgreene/.config/emby-server/ffmpeg/20150917/ffmpeg
2016-01-10 13:56:19.0931 Info App: FFProbe: /Users/charlesgreene/.config/emby-server/ffmpeg/20150917/ffprobe

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