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External Network Path Substitution for Kodi Emby


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I have my server for Emby running locally on a Fedora 23 machine, ports forwarded and local networking is fine.

I can reach the server website from my external IP address from outside my network and everything loads.

I have set up the transcoding/streaming bit rate to be low enough to test streaming despite internet quality.. However I cannot access the media outside of my network. 


Going through the Kodi Logs (on an external network) its apparent that the Kodi installation isn't looking for the media on my server at a different location however its currently looking at "/mnt/data/Videos/.." on the Kodi machine, whilst the actual data is at a location such as


Would i utilise path substitution here? or would that interfere with the transcoding and streaming performance? If i do use PS, how would i go about setting that up? ( i considered FTP or NFS.. but then security question is raised as I'm unsure how you'd have a login for either with the Emby for Kodi add-on).




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I have the same issue. I've tried just about every thing. in the manual ip box I can set the external address but it just reverts to the internal (fair enough)

In the network credentials box I've added the external ip and every thing seems to go well (did I need the http: at the start or :8096 at the end?)(because i just put the address)(if so maybe a area with some help info wouldn't go a miss)

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