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DLNA playback issues using Sony Bravia BRAVIA KDL-32EX521


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Hi everyone, the issues I have is with my Sony TV BRAVIA KDL-32EX521 via DLNA.


- When I pause the video and press play the files plays from beginning

- When I press Fast Forward the screen goes blank

- When I press Rewind the file starts from the beginning


I have Serviio and used Plex before without issue.


I have attached my logs let me know if you need anymore info.


Start looking at log at 2016-01-05 15:38:38.8796


Emby Version 3.0.5783.0



Thanks in advance.

Log_160105 sideshowdad.zip

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Hi there!


I had the exact same problem with a Bravia KDL-42W829B and have played around with the DLNA settings to get it working as it should.


Go to your Bravia's DLNA profile and change these video settings under the transcoding tab...


Protocol: Http Live Streaming

Container: Mkv

Video codec: h264

Audio codec: ac3


I can now pause, resume and seek like a boss. Hope it works for you too.



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Thanks lol... i quickly updated the settings like you suggested but it seems i see less movies files now and no TV Shows were displaying.


I will check it again later tonight and let you know if anything changes.


Thanks for posting I would really love to correct this issue.

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After trying a bunch of combinations i can pause/rewind/resume when i have the container set to Mkv however only a few of my movies show up.


Most of my files are mkv so im not sure where to go from here. 


I also tried (ts, Mkv) as default was ts but still only the few movies showed up like when i have mkv only.


Any thoughts or ideas?


Am i just out of luck to get this working with Emby as i have no issues with plex or serviio?


Using Sony Bravia 2011 profile.

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My 2014 Bravia also isn't showing all videos so I log into the server on my phones chrome browser and use dlna to "cast" it to the telly.

I then have to use my telly's remote for seeking as using the server controls always results in beginning from the start.

Besides those little annoyances, it's working very well.

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The latest beta of Emby Server, 3.1.125, has numerous fixes for Sony Blu ray players from years 2013-2016. The changes will also be in the next stable release of Emby Server. Since I have a device for testing I am now able to test it fully and with the changes I've made everything is now playing perfectly.

It's possible that some of these improvements can be applied to older players or sony bravia tv's, but I do not have those devices available to test with, so for that I'll need to rely on community help. Enjoy.

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I'm having this issue with Sony Bravia 2013.

After hitting "Pause" and then "Play" again, it stops saying "Video cannot be played".
FF or rewind just freeze the video.

When changing ts by mkv, pause seems to work, but not all videos show up for me either.

Has someone found a solution to this?


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