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Support for vobsub (bitmaps, not text) subtitles planned?


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Are there any plans to support vobsub subtitles in the app? This subs are not text files like SRT for example, but bitmaps that are rendered on top of the video by the player.


Right now they don't seem to work (not even listed in the subtitles list) but at least they are supported by my TV (UE55H6500) according to the manual.


The app is awesome, but since I can't play any videos with this kind of subs I find myself switching to my RPi2 running Emby for Kodi, everytime I need to watch a video (ie: DVDs ripped to MKV) with this kind of subs. :(


Thanks and keep up with the good work!

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That's more a server issue. Is there an api for that?


I have no clue but maybe @@Luke can answer that.

In case it helps, many times vobsub subtitles are just another track of the MKV file (internal/embedded subs). Like you can have several audio tracks in a MKV file you can also have subtitle tracks.


In any case thanks a lot for taking the time to check this out. :)

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It would probably have to be made device dependent if found possible using an API call.  I have both an H series device and an F series device and while the H supports Vobsub (requires both a sub and idx file) my F series device does not.  I posted a pic of supported subtitle formats for F and H series devices below and the Emby supported ones at the bottom


From F series Samsung user guide



From my device which uses H series SmartHub



Of the ones above these are the ones Emby supports


Supported formats

  • ass
  • srt
  • ssa
  • sub/idx

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I have Samsung KS8000. It can play internal VOBSUB subtitles (.sub & .idx files in .mkv container). While playing in Emby subtitles are always transcoded. Will be nice to implement this function.

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