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Extend custom "Branding" into Themes System


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Hey all,


Hope the holidays are treating you well :)


I thought I might suggest something to encourage users to customize their Emby even further:


Right now, we have the ability to add some custom css into the "Branding" field for our servers - this is great and has allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my Emby install to make things "just right", but so far it seems a little obtuse for users who aren't interested in or accustomed to editing CSS.


Currently, if we want to include any custom images, we must either overwrite our system images or overwrite them in CSS. In some cases the images are added via Javascript so it's difficult to get the customizations to apply in the correct context. Additionally, I can only assume that the branding field is limited to CSS only, so any sort of additional JS embellishments one wishes to add aren't normally possible short of adding another script into the system folder.


I think it would be excellent if we allowed users to package their customizations into themes. Instead of requiring users to place all of their customizations into a small textbox, you could allow them to create new "themes" which can be added to the current "themes" folder within the Emby install and be selectable from a dropdown box. Not only would this give would-be customizers more breathing room, but it would give everyone a more standardized method of applying customization. Also, it would solve the problem of having multiple customizations - right now I usually have a text file for my customizations which I have to copy/paste any time I want to switch them. Additionally, I have a few different issues I need to solve whenever I update: first, I need to manually remove any additions I might have made because Windows has permissions issues allowing the updater to automatically move them; then, I need to re-add any changes I made after the update since Emby isn't aware of my additions so it doesn't know to bring them over into my new install.


Having a dropdown menu with our available themes would also give users a predictable/expected location to find any special themes the Emby team adds as well. Plus, I am never really a fan of editing system files to begin with; it's possible somewhere down the road it might clash with any changes that the developers make in the future, and in that case, it can be difficult to pinpoint what went wrong since customizations might not be consolidated into one easily toggled package.


Who knows, time permitting it would be wonderful to have a user-driven Themes upload area, visually similar to Wordpress or other theme-ing systems - require screenshot images of the theme, and a .zip file containing any relevant .css, image, or .js files. Then users of all technical levels can download them and enjoy a custom Emby install!

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Thanks @@Luke but I was think something different. That's cool but I will like to see a landing page for the login page.


Like these examples:


- http://demo.gloriathemes.com/wp/themovie/home-5-fullscreen/


- http://demo.gloriathemes.com/wp/themovie/home-3-trailer/


I mean I could get a landing page from internet and re-skin it for a login. But I don't know how to implement it on Ember.


I update this:


Look this 2 login page I found on codepen:


- https://codepen.io/flannerydesigns/pen/dPYzNR

- https://codepen.io/khoazany/pen/qbGng?limit=all&page=37&q=login


I like both of them but I don't know how to implement it. I mean the "css" I will put on Brand section. but the "html" where ?

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