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Emby Server - Sync Target, Other Emby Server


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Hey Guys,


I'm sure most people won't run into this in their typical everyday use of Emby... However I recently got a new roommate who also has an emby server and my current process for getting media from his server is to download through the web client then drop it into my server's storage drive. Which works for the most part but I was thinking if I could add my emby server as a sync target for his... Then you could do something where when you click the sync button it tells my server "Go get this file and put it *here*" then when I get on my server it would have an unsorted media or recently synced folder or something that I could stage them to before sorting them to where they needed to go or something.


The main thing I was thinking here is that it would add it to a sync queue so it just pulls one file at a time and doesn't murder his server by trying to pull a bunch of files at once. I think this could also be useful for users who are across an internet connection from you. Then you can show the queue in the server manager interface. If a user is abusing your server and you want them to stop you could pause their queue transfer or cancel it, or at least see what they are doing. (Like you have now for the downloading. ("User has begun downloading blah") So instead it would be "Server has begun downloading blah for user blahblah") Maybe even show the Sync queue in Emby Connect/Emby.media.


In a perfect world I'd have access directly to his drive share on his server but I don't.


Thanks for considering my idea... If you need further details or a better explanation give me a shout and I'll see if I can further clarify. :)



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