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Transcode yes, transcode no


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i did an interesting test tonight. When playing an mp4 (1280x720) on my android, it runs nice and smooth and no transcoding takes place. If i try to run the exact same movie on my desktop via firefox, it starts jumping and not play smoothing. I see that the transcode folder has an webm file while playing in the browser but not when playin on the android. REducing the bitrate in the web browser doesn't help.


Why does Emby think it needs to transcode in web client (21" screen on pentium i5 3Ghz) and not in android (samsung galaxy 10"). THe server is install on DELL POweredge (quite old with pentium 4 2.8 Ghz and 0.5 GB ECC RAM).


Any thoughts on possible reasons and what I can do to stop transcoding when not necessary?





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Hi, welcome. Different apps and devices have different capabilities. What firefox is capable of playing is not the same thing as what a native android app can play. To learn more, check out our wiki about Transcoding:




Scroll down to 

Why Is My Media Transcoding?
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