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Multiple Album Artists


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That's correct. It currently does not split album artists. for artsits - preference is to use the one in the artist folder first, before IBN.

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Ok, thanks for the info.


If i was to delete artist.xml from the artist folders, then rescan the library it should then look in IBN for it?

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Sorting out my music collection, one thing i have noticed is when you have an album with multiple artists (using the ALBUMARTIST field) delimited by a semicolon, MBS doesnt seem to split them up like it does for data in the ARTIST field.


Ran ffprobe on the file in question:


Input #0, flac, from 'Z:\Music\Final Fantasy Soundtracks\Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Soundtrack - Disc 4\04 - FFXIII-2
 OST - 15 - Unseen Abyss.flac':
    TITLE           : Unseen Abyss
    ALBUM           : Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Soundtrack - Disc 4
    disc            : 04
    album_artist    : Masashi Hamauzu; Naoshi Mizuta; Mitsuto Suzuki
    GENRE           : Game Soundtrack
    TOTALDISCS      : 4
    TOTALTRACKS     : 79
    ARTIST          : Naoshi Mizuta; Mitsuto Suzuki
    DATE            : 2012
    ORGANIZATION    : Square Enix
    track           : 15
  Duration: 00:04:44.89, bitrate: 1054 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: flac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16
    Stream #0:1: Video: mjpeg, yuvj420p, 1000x1000 [sAR 300:300 DAR 1:1], 90k tbr, 90k tbn, 90k tbc
      comment         : Cover (front)


MBS correclty reports the artist of the track as by Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki but the album artist is credited as Masashi Hamauzu; Naoshi Mizuta; Mitsuto Suzuki


Rather than Masashi Hamauzu / Naoshi Mizuta / Mitsuto Suzuki


One way i could get around it would be to use Various Artists. would that be the preferred solution?



Another question i have is the use of the Imagesbyname\artist\artist.xml and having artist.xml saved to the album folders.


Would it be possible to tell MBS where to get the artist info from. (ie could i tell it to only use imagesbyname\artist\artist.xml rather than the one found in the album folders.



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Ok, i understand that a lot better. (It does make sense for the idea of metadata being 'portable' like with other collections.


Ran into issues with this.


Artist path: Server\F\Music\blink-182  (This has an artist.xml in it)

Album path: Server\F\Music\blink-182\Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (no xml files in here)


No IBN folder for blink-182


When navigating the webclient i can see that there is an artist and album artist 'blink-182'. No albums are associated with that artist.

When i go to the metadata manager screen for blink-182, the path is set to Server\F\Music\blink 182 (it is picking up the artist.xml)


However no albums appear for this artist. (i would expect to see Take Off Your Pants and Jacket here)

I can find the named album in the Albums view. When i navigate to artist link in the album i am presented with the artist.

Editing that the path is set to Server\F\ImagesByName\artists\blink-182


Metadata album tags are named the same as the folder.


Any ideas on how to fix this (previously i had just used the IBN for artists before placing them in the music folders in the shares)



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Luke, have you finished your review yet? Reason for my asking is that I have a lot of folders that are named with multiple artists in the form Artist1; Artist2. It's particularly common in classical music albums to have the Album Artists (and hence the Album folder after ripping) listed as Conductor; Orchestra.


That means I end up with lots of Album Artists listed with multiple names and the generic music icon.


If MB3 is not going to parse multiple artists in folder names, then I'll probably have to embark on a major renaming exercise.



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