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[Docker] New Testing Image

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Not sure if I am doing this correctly.  The steps I did were:

1)  went to my dockers and chose "stop" for the current emby docker.

2)  clicked on docker repositories and pasted in "https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Build/tree/master/unraid-templates/emby"

3) went back to docker tab and clicked "add container", then "select a template" - "emby" -  "embyserver"

4) it autopopulated in the settings I had from the previous emby server docker (/mnt/cache/appdata/emby for /config, and /mnt for /mnt)

5) clicked save and let it go.

6) started the docker and went to the webgui - and it wants to start from scratch (welcome to Emby, create users, etc)


do I really have to recreate all of my users and custom settings etc?   I thought with the same volume mappings it would find my old configs?


also, why do both the old and new templates point toward

Container Page: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/emby/embyserver/

this seems to mean they are the same thing ?


thanks for the help,


(btw, I have not deleted my old emby docker yet....just have it "stopped")


I think it is working now - missed something simple.  The new docker defaults for volume mapping was just *almost* the same.  Except it used lowercase emby and I previously had Emby for the appdata/Emby directory.  Fixed the case and it detected my settings.  Sorry for the bother - maybe this helps someone else with this issue in the future.

Glad you have it working. The testing image was moved to the stable branch and so it replaced the old image.

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