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how to re-initialize database?


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Hello all !


I am a long term (years...) user of KODI (@Ubuntu). For the last years, I have been looking for streaming my contents out of my home... and succeeded with BubbleUPNP. Very good also, but not secure data flow, no 'friends' management interface, ...

I started to read for new solutions... like PLEX and EMBY. And well... I decided to go for Emby (open source is my friend).


First thing: It looks great. Very great.


But (there is always a but :) ), I have a few issues:


- During scan, some 'folder.jpg' are created multiple times ! why?


i was able to find among those folders 6 times the same jpg! (for the same music album)!!


- since i was doing some tests, i wanted to clean the database to restart with real folders.

How do i do that? the library folder is never cleaned!?


- If I have some elements scanned already, and then i decide to change the metadata management, and choose a new 'metadata folder location, or switch to 'save images and nfo files in media folders'. This does not seem to have any impact. Why?


I searched the forum & wiki but did not find answers. Sorry if it has been answered already.


thanks and again : very good work

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Hi, welcome.


Currently if you change your metadata settings, it's for new metadata going forward. We don't do any kind of mass-migration as those kinds of things tend to be very risky and create more problems than they solve.


As far as the duplicate folder.jpgs, can you give a specific example? how did you discover that?

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hello Luke (nice profile pic btw :) )


well, I chose linux because i like to know where are the data... and i started browsing the emby folder structure... that's how i discovered it.

(I am testing Emby with initial 5 music album, 2 photo albums, 2 movies, 2 tv show...).


I think i have understood:

=> emby is creating one 'folder.jpg' (in metadata/library/...) per song ! => is that expected behaviour?

=> even if i have the 'save image and metadata in the media folder' option checked

=> artist/album image+nfo files created (as expected) in media folder.

PS: my music library is very well tagged, and I have a clean folder structure : music/<artist>/<album>/<song>.mp3


Once i have finished my 'evaluation' of emby, how can i re-initiate my install? (really clean/flush databases...)

shall i uninstall / delete remaining files / reinstall emby package?



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emby is creating one 'folder.jpg' (in metadata/library/...) per song ! => is that expected behaviour?

do the songs all have the same artist and album tag?

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yes ! all is very well taggued :)

Usually, my songs include a cover in the tag... (each mp3 includes a jpg cover)


But I just saw that, by default, the Metadata service for 'songs' is configured to download 'primary' image.

Maybe this is the (simple) explanation?


I have unchecked that and will see what happens... will keep you posted.

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