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Throgsoft Destiny: Backdrop Opacity on Extender


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MBServer: Version 3.0.5081.21515

MBClassic: Version B12-4.1

MBTheater: Not installed

PC Server OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

Codecs: Nothing other than installed with Win7 out of the box and MBServer

Extender:  HP MediaSmart Connect x280n

TV: Toshiba Regza 32AV600 LCD



I can't seem to get changes to Display & Behaviour>Skin>Backdrop Opacity to "dim" the backdrops on my extender which makes it difficult to read the synopsis and actor info. It works fine on the HTPC server. Is this a limitation of extenders or is there another solution?





The skin tab allows you to change colour scheme of your theme, and the opacity of the backdrop and information box overlays.

Available – Global : Allows you to select any available skin (Requires Restart)

Backdrop Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of the backdrop overlay

Info Box Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of any information box


Thanks, Tanamur

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