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Intel NUC, 5.1, Remote, Kodi?


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I have been using WD/Roku boxes in the past and am looking to a long term solution.

I have 2 1080p displays w/HDMI. 1 has a soundbar and 1 is just builtin speakers (which ). I use emby, netflix, pandora amazon and youtube (more or less in that order).


My intial impulse is to grab 2 Intel NUC's and load them with ubuntu w/kodi for my 2 displays- but I have never done this kind of build. I am partial to open source - and OpenELEC didn't seem as robust as kodi.



So I have some rather amateurish questions:


What is the kind of low end solution to streaming 5.1 audio? I am looking at Home Theatres in a box, specifically Onkyo because I was told their build quality is worth it. I read somewhere that computers often convert audio to 2 streams before pushing it over HDMI. The whole point is I want 5.1 is to get that spatial aspect - so that would completely defeat the point.


I have never built an HTPC, can i consolidate remotes? How do you consolidate remotes when you have IR and RF remotes. I prefer RF or wireless but don't have enough knowledge of IR/RF blasters/recievers and how they interact with both hardware and software.


Please excuse my ignorance! thanks!

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The easiest solution for 5.1 audio is to just use the HDMI connection.  It passes video and audio.  So you would have Kodi -> soundbar -> TV.


Kodi uses a basic WMC remote.  Intel NUCs have built in IR ports, so you can contol Kodi via IR with the built in NUC hardware.   WMC remotes are readily available and inexpensive.


If you want to go to RF then you need a remote that has a base station. The remote communicates with the base station via RF and the base station communicates with Kodi via IR (usually).


If you have a iphone/android you can control Kodi via wifi using one of the remote apps.


If you want to use a wand type remote & wifi then you need a wifi remote.  It is expensive but works extremely well.

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