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Windows Indexing Service Hangs Because of Corrupt Emby .ts Files


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Has anyone else experienced a problem in Windows 10 where the Windows File Explorer displays a "Working On It" message and then just hangs forever? In my case, this appears to occur whenever an Emby recorded file (.ts extension) doesn't complete successfully and stays in the Active Recordings section. Sometimes these "active" files also get stored in the same area as successful recordings, but they are always corrupt and will not play to completion. I have turned off Windows indexing on local drives where Emby content is stored, but most of my content is on a network drive attached to my router. There is apparently no way to disable Windows indexing when the File Explorer attempts to access this drive. The result is that File Explorer hangs and will not display ANYTHING until the corrupt file is located and deleted. This can become so bad that double-clicking on This PC or Network will produce the dreaded Working On It message.


If this is a known problem, it would be nice to have a simple tool on Emby Server that would locate and clean up failed recordings.

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