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Emby Photos view issues


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Server Version 3.0.5781.0
Firefox 41.0.2

1) All media in the "Photos" view (images and videos) have the missing backdrop icon in the "Metadata Manager" sidebar?


2) Some folders in the "Photos" view display the folder.jpg/png; some display a random image even though folder.jpg/png is present; and some do not display any image.


3) The "Photos" buttons in the "Photos" view flattens the folder/sub-folders to display all images; the "Videos" button does not (in fact, the "Videos" button does not appear to do anything).


4) When editing an image and then selecting "View Album" a single random image is displayed. What should happen here?

5636f641b8cc5_Capture.png   -->  5636f69775a55_Capture1.png

5) Image collages\dynamic images do not appear to be created any longer. Is this by design?



Thanks for your attention.

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1) - just a side effect of generic code handling all different kinds of media types. i'm more inclined to just remove all the icons honestly.

2) - the empty one is probably due to my response to your other thread

3) - by design. it seems quirky now, but the intention is to ultimately have lots of neat sorting and filtering against your entire photo database

5) - yes they are cpu heavy which does not sit well with all users, and honestly, i think they have poor usability. you can't tell what's what just by looking at them from a glance.

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