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Metadata Manager and specific refresh issues

Ben Z

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I have set english and USA as my default language and country for metadatas. While everything is in english, I like to get the overviews in a different language (french) for my movies.


To do so, I go to metadata manager, click on the movie folder, change the language for "french", uncheck name and genre (because I want to keep english genres and english titles) and I click save. Then, I click on refresh. I also tried advanced refresh.


The expected result should be that only titles and genres stay in english. By clicking on the movie folder in the manager, it should apply the refresh the same way on all movies right? But no, instead, it changes everything in french and ignore completly my unchecked selections.


Is it a known issue? Does the manager folders work that way? Is "Emby Kodi SyncQueue" has something to do with this issue?


By the way, by unchecking title and genre on an individual movie, it WORKS. But that would take ages doing it that way.


My emby server is actually on raspbian jessie but I remember having this same problem on windows few months ago.


TLDR: In metadata manager, I want that when you apply modifications in metadata settings on a media folder, everything inside is affected during refresh.

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