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Handle DRM music - Windows 8.1, WP8


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I have an xbox music pass for my music needs at the moment. Their app is sorely lacking in functionality and I would rather use MB.


Can MB retrieve the drm usage rights to allow playback of tracks downloaded using xbox music pass? - This may apply to spotify users etc...


Would also like this to work using remote play options. So browse music collection using tablet and then play drm music on htpc (hooked up to proper stereo).

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Just so I am clear on this you are asking us to crack drm protected music?


If the answer is yes my reply is no.

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No that is not what I am asking.

Sorry if it came out wrong. Im happy paying the subscription fee I just hate that microsoft have a terrible app and I cant perform play to commands.

Also would love MB to be the goto place for all my media.


I thought that Microsoft have an api that you make a call to which uses the credentials of the currently logged in user to query against and therefore allows playback of the music.

So the user would HAVE to still have the correct subscription to be able to play the music. Its just that you would be using MB as the player.

Maybe microsoft dont allow this but Im pretty sure my friend who has an android phone and premium spotify subscription can download alternative players.


Ill investigate it further and post what I can find out.

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Wasnt sure but just downloaded MusicPlayer (third party app) on my Lumia 920 and it plays all my xbox music files fine. App itself seems quite good so might keep trying it. :)


I think it has something to do with Microsoft PlayReady.



Ill try and knock up a sample app that gets the usage rights and allows playback.


I would think playback of DRM encoded content would be a great bonus for MB moving forward with the large number of content providers offering very competitive subscription services. I imagine it might be difficult to handle all the required logins/usage rights stuff though.

If all the username/passwords combos required are stored in the server it could be quite user friendly.

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