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Media Library Location and Permissions - Best Practices


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I've seen in other threads a few different scenarios for handling library and permission setup, but I wanted to get a clear recommendation for best practices, since I'm just starting out.


Is there a recommended, standard, or common way to handle permissions of shared media libraries for emby?


My media library is relatively small at the moment, but I intend on growing once I have emby up and running properly.


I can see advantages of putting my media library in /home/emby, or putting it in my personal home directory and simply modifying the emby user's permission to that portion of my home directory. I could also see merit in putting it somewhere impartial like /media, /share, or /var/share. I could change ownership of the folder, or I could add the emby user to the group that has permission.


I am on a shared computer, but I don't necessarily want access to the media limited to one user. The idea is that eventually it will be one media library directory where we will dump the whole family's photos, music, and videos together, and emby serves it to other devices on our network.


I'm new at this, so I likely haven't thought through all the implications of each option. What do most of you guys do?

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I wouldn't call what I use as a best practice but I use two impartial shares. One for audio and another for visual.  This is partially because of the other family devices that keep an offline copy of the audio share for mobile use but don't have the room to keep a copy of everything. I sort things based upon the need for a screen to fully consume.


I also break out meta data into each content folder as I have devices that can't run Emby that can read from the xml files.


I don't think I've ever seen a good write up on the pros and cons of each choice. Mostly people say do what works for you.

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