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Live TV Active Recording Stops When Watching from Emby Server Console


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I'm having sporadic problems with live TV recordings terminating before their scheduled end time during the active recording phase.The problem seems to occur when I try to play an active recording (from the Emby Media Server console) while the show is still being recorded, Watching (especially using pause, rewind, or fast forward) appears to cause the recording to stop. (I'm not sure whether watching while recording is the real cause of the problem, or if it's just a coincidence.) If you're not supposed to watch until the recording is complete and moved out of the temporary storage area, I can just stop doing that if it solves the problem.


Can someone confirm whether this is expected behavior or not?


I'm running Emby Server build 3.0.5724.6 with HDHomerun Prime 3-tuner (current firmware). I've attached a log file that may offer a clue to what is happening. (It contains information about a recording of Scorpion from 9/5/15 that failed just under 15 minutes into the program.). I had been watching the program at about this time and had pressed pause. When I tried to start watching again, the recording had ended.


I'm using no plugins other than SchedulesDirect. Running Emby Server on an 8-core i7 4790 CPU with 16GB RAM. and Windows 10 64-bit OS.


I've attached the first log file I could find that has a time stamp just after the active recording stopped (just under 15 minutes into the program) and it may not be relevant.


Server Log File.txt

Log File for Failed Scorpion Recording.txt

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thanks. for now this is a known issue when trying to play an active recording.


Is this bug on the roadmap to be fixed?  I want to use Emby for all my recording needs, but this is making me want to go back to my old PVR solution because of this.  Thanks.

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