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emby server - sharing of subdirectories


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hi all,


in emby as admin user i can add directories to my server to shared via emby, e.g.




and every user can access this folder if I set the user to have access to it in emby of course, however let's say in pictures i have 2 subfolders:



so let's say I added another user to emby called "family" now I want "family" to have access to /home/user/Pictures/Family but not to /home/user/Pictures/Friends

so i thought let's add /home/user/Pictures/Friends as another share in emby and restrict the access of user "family" to it. However when you do it this way you get the message that there is a duplicate folder and the share /home/user/Pictures/Friends remains empty for any user.

The only way to still have this work is to remove the folder /home/user/Pictures/ from the shares and add each sub-directory as a share in emby and then i could restrict its any subfolder accordingly. This is very cumbersome if you have a lot of subdirectories, so why not make it possible to add subdirectories in the emby shares as well?

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You can either do what you discovered and define your media folders at the proper level for which you want to control access or you could use the Parental Control with Tags feature to hide or show that sub-folder to only certain users.

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