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Vera Smart Home Plugin - Setup Changes (more customizations for users)


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As of version some changes have happened with in the Vera Smart Home Automation Plugin.

It  now has more customization options.

You are able to choose different scenes based on the type of media which is being play through Emby.



Add your Device/Client name to your saved profile list (here I have added my Xbox One):




After the profile has been added, you can select the profile button, and you will navigate to the new setup page:




You'll notice that you can now select media types to run scenes from Vera. This allows you to choose different scenes based on what you are currently listening to, or watching in Emby.




Simply leave the scenes empty to ignore those media types. 



There has also been a complete overhaul of how the plugin remembers saved profiles. So, it will be easy for the transition from the previous releases to this new one.


This will allow you to run "Party Scenes" when listening to music, but dim the lights down when watching a movie!


Note: PlaybackPaused and unpaused are currently disabled, but will be enabled in later releases.





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