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Finding my TV Tuner IP address


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I have installed the latest Beta Server and am learning a lot.  Considering switching from Plex to Emby as Emby seems to have native support for TV Tuners so I can see Live (from Antenna) Local TV on all my devices from one tuner connected to the server. Questions:

1. Is the Diamond HD750 USB tuner supported?  Great tuner, have been using for years with MCE.

2. As I try to set this up the prompt is asking me for the IP Address of my tuner.  How do I discover that?


Looking forward to making this happen.  Wisdom from the forum is appreciated.




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1.  Only HDHomeRun DLNA tuners are support ATM. (CONNECT, EXTEND, and Prime)

2.  You cannot (in your case) because your tuner is not a network attached tuner. 

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