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J River Media Center

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I've been auditioning/testing several possible replacements for Windows Media Center (which I still use, and plan to still use while it's useful). Kodi is so-so, and I have high hopes that Emby Theatre will become something usable. But there is another program that seems VERY good for media: J River Media Center. It handles audio far better than WMC, it handles video better than WMC, and it even has a TV guide interface with CableCARD source support.


If there were such a thing as Emby for JRMC, that plugged into that program the way Emby for WMC does in that venerable program, that would be an exceptional product!


Is such a thing possible? Has it been considered? Is J River used by many?

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I agree. I like using Jriver while in desktop mode in Windows. I have tried to setup Jriver with a DLNA profile but have failed. It would be awesome to have a plugin for Jriver that allowed you to select a particular user profile too.

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