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MBIntros - Setup Guide


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This guide was first published here by @@mboehler.


1.  Store your Tagged Intros in a folder.  Mine, for example, are in \\diskstation\Media\Intros\Tagged.  For each Tagged Intro you want to use, you will need an intro video.  I suggest naming them Disney.mp4Pixar.mp4, etc.  



2.  Tag your movies.

2a.  Open the web client, select a movie, and click Edit.


2b.  Scroll down and click the + next to Tags.  Enter the tag for the intro you want to play. It must be in the format of custom-intro-Disney.mp4custom-intro-Pixar.mp4, etc.  In this case I'm using custom-intro-Disney.mp4.  Click +Add5290f3d47628d_tag2.jpg


2c.  You must do this for each movie that you'd like to play a Tagged Intro.  Repeat step 2 as many times as necessary.


3.  Set up MB Intros.

3a.  In the dashboard, click Plugins, and then click MB Intros.5290f4dfe0784_tag3.jpg


3b.  Select the appropriate Profile (you may or may not have more than one profile).



3c.  Click the + next to Add Intro, then click Tag Intro.  For specific instructions, you can click the "i".



3d.  Select the folder you stored your tagged intros in, then click OK.



3e.  You should now see an entry in the list of Intros like this:



4.  Use the 5290f6e218ccc_tag8.jpgbuttons to place your Intros in the desired order.


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