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Path Substitution with NFS shares...syntax?


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Currently running Emby Version 3.0.5675.1 on my Windows 8.1 machine, and the Emby for Kodi addon version 1.1.17 on my Amazon Fire TV within my home network.  I also like to access my library remotely to stream via my mobile devices.  When trying to play from my Video Library while within my network, I receive the message that I am unable to direct play, and whether I want to stream via HTTP or HTTPS.


I believe my issue has to do with my path substitution being set up incorrectly.


I have my share permissions set up correctly for NFS, but think my syntax is wrong in my Emby Server for path substitution.  For example, my current path substitution is set up like:


From                                                     To

"G:\TV"                                                  "nfs://"

"H:\Kid Movies"                                     "nfs:// Movies/"

It's my understanding that NFS does not require a username/password to access the Windows shares, versus if I were using SMB I would need to configure the setting within the Emby for Kodi add-on with the credentials.


The above are a couple of examples, for which I thought were working correctly up until a few days ago when Emby for Kodi or my Emby Server were updated (I was out of town and something auto-updated).  Now I receive the HTTP message and 'Warning: Unable to direct play'.  I'd like to direct play my library from within my network, while still accessing media outside of my LAN.  My examples above include the quotation marks because I am not aware of how Emby will process paths that contain spaces, so that's how I originally entered them.


With borrowing from my above examples, what would be the official syntax to use for my NFS shares? For those paths that contain spaces, do I use quotes? Am I able to use the IP Address, or is Emby looking for the server name?


For those paths that DO NOT contain 'spaces', would I use:


Option A) nfs://

Option B ) nfs://

Option C) nfs://ServerName/TV

Option D) nfs://ServerName/TV/

Option E) None of the Above (please provide a better suggestion)


For those paths that DO contain 'spaces', would I use:


Option A) nfs:// Movies

Option B ) nfs:// Movies/

Option C) "nfs:// Movies"

Option D) "nfs:// Movies/"

Option E) nfs://ServerName/Kid Movies

Option F) nfs://ServerName/Kid Movies/

Option G) "nfs://ServerName/Kid Movies"

Option H) "nfs://ServerName/Kid Movies/"

Option FML) None of the Above (please provide a better suggestion)


Lots of play above with IP Address vs Server Name, quotes vs no quotes, slashes vs no slashes....


As you can see, just a little lost looking for some help.



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you don't need to use quotes for spaces. it is a direct text replacement, so you can use machine name, ip address, whatever will allow the machine running the client app to directly access the content managed by the server.

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Thanks for the reply.


With being NFS based, do I need to include specific syntax to include that?


Is there a chance that you can provide a few examples based on my above information?


Thanks again

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i will have to leave that to someone who knows nfs and kodi better, but try opening your file explorer on the client machine. then try entering paths such as nfs://ServerName/Kid Movies/. If it works in the file explorer, then you know it will work in Kodi. So then once you know what the destination path is, you just have to come up with the search and replace values that the server can use to create it.

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I'm having a similar problem.  I can access the NFS shares directly through Kodi (and through the Kodi file manager), but no matter what Path Substitutions I try, I can't play anything from the NFS shares using Emby library from any client machine. I just does nothing on Kodi (as if I didn't even click on it). If I remove the Path Substitution, the files play fine in Emby Library.  However, I believe they are being transcoded (what I wanted to avoid using Path Substitution).  Anyone using Path Substitution for NFS shares successfully in Emby for Kodi?

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Thank you for the reply! I read through that post and had a similar set-up to "puithove" for the "Path Substitution".  However, I did note one difference in his format.


I have the below format:



However, "puithove" has a colon after the IP in the screenshot he posted:



Is that what I'm missing or is this a typo? I can try when I get home today and verify.

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