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Live TV Scheduled Recordings - Add Show Title to Card


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Hi, All - Love Emby, especially how it's grown from the MB2 days.  I have a minor UI additionrequest for the web client.  In the Live TV section, on the Scheduled page, I love seeing what shows are coming up to be recorded, but would love to see the episode title displayed on the card as well as the show name.  The title must be available as it's there when you view the details.  I realize there's a limited amount of space on the card, but even if the first part of the Title was shown (shown up to the limit of space is taken) that would still be nice.




I tend to "over schedule" my series in hopes that I capture previous episodes that I've missed.  I then go to the Scheduled page and look at those series' upcoming episodes so I can cancel the recordings for episodes I already have (saves tuner capacity, processing time, etc...).  If the episode title was on the card, I wouldn't have to go to the details.  I also think it'd just be a nice UI enhancement overall.


I realize this won't be anything of a priority, but perhaps something that could be slipped in as a nice to have!


Thanks for everyone's dedication to Emby.  I love the products and the dedicated developers behind them.  Keep it up!!

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