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Wanna try a new plugin? Decompression


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I saw somewhere on the community tracker a request for a plugin which decompresses compressed files.


I don't know exactly why it's needed.. :huh: ...


and if the lead Developers ask me to cease the further development of such a plugin I will gladly  :P


I think the bottom line is that it may not necessarily be something that will find it's way into the catalog, but I'll post it here in case you find it useful. :ph34r:


Pretty much I built my Auto-Organizer Helper app into an emby plugin.


Same basic outline:


Tell it where you are keeping said compressed files, and where you want them to go after they are decompressed.


I have put together a simple folder monitor, to make it automated. How exciting!



Note: This doesn't Auto-Organize your files into your library, it just decompresses them and moves them into your Auto-Organize Folder.



What I will add in future versions for sure:

1. Trigger Auto-Organize Task after success decompression of files into Auto-Organize Folder.


What I would like to add:

2. I'd like to move physical Files around drives eventually. When a drive is getting full... be able to move entire TV Series into a more suitable drive location.

3. Perhaps.... Maybe... Sort Movies


I think it works pretty well. I just finished it, and it isn't test to perfection  :lol: .

Let me know if you want certain abilities added or whatever.






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Hi @@Luke or @@ebr


I'm interested in triggering the Auto-Organize Task in my Sub routine....



It would seem that all the Properties for each Task is read-only.


This would lead me to believe that I have to Enumerate the List of Tasks and then choose the Auto-Organize Task and Execute it.


Does that sound proper to you?

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Probably since it isn't your task and there is no published method to kick it off.


I'm not sure exactly how you could reliably identify it though...

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I think I'll end up letting the auto organize task run independently and forget about starting it. Seems to be working alright that way.

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