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Transcoding slow / unable to view any media within acceptable timeframe


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Hi All,


Currently running:


Media Browser Server: 3.0.5641.4

CPU: Q8200

RAM: 6Gb

Video: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti


Media storage: 6TB NAS unit accessable via network smb share over ethernet on same lan as media server


All was running beautifully up until a few months ago. I run the web client (chrome) on my media server. Now i cant play any media within an acceptable time frame. The player splash screen sits there and my box appears to 'transcode' for >= 30mins for a 45min episode of Breaking Bad or True Detective or whatever. Throttling is on (have tried off) and quality set to auto. I know the system is getting a bit old but this didnt happen before. I can play over VLC no problem (albeit that is direct) and my media server WILL transcode fine to the ipad and android in the home!? Any thoughts would be appreciated!? Transcription log attached.







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Any ideas guys? can anyone decypher the logs and tell me why its taking so long to transcode? Used to be 2 - 3 secs before a 1080P movie would start playing. Can i utilise my GPU to do some transcoding instead of the old CPU?

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