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Server Crashes when updated and restarted


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The trouble I am having is with MB Server, currently on Version 3.0.5070.20258 (but this has happened on at least the last 5 updates of the server and It just happened this morning while updating from 3.0.4936.24198)



When I "restart the server to apply the update" from the web interface it hangs the webpage and when I reload it throws the "cannot find page error" I am doing this from my laptop via firefox, but the same thing occurs when going to the configuration page and restarting from the configure mediabrowser server link...


I then go into the actual profile that runs the server and I see the following errors:


-These Happen before I get to the server to manually restart and clear popups-

"Unhandled Exception: Only One Usage of Socket Address (protocal/network address/port) is normally permitted" -This comes up in 4 separate boxes at each update and restart

"Error Attempting to Update Application FileNotFoundException could not find file: 'C:\Users\MediaCenter\AppData\Roaming\Mediabrowser-Server\system\ionic.zip.dll'


Then I clear those boxes, the splash creen comes up then disappears, and throws the following popup box

"There was an error launching Media Browser:Could not load type 'MediaBrowser.Controller.Drawing.IImageProcessor' from assembly 'MediaBrowser.Controller, Version=3.0.4936.24198, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'."

at the same time it throws the popup:

"Unhandled exception:The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it."


-After this I hit ok, then it appears as though MB3 Server closes as the process is gone and the try icon disappears,

-I start the server from the start menu and it loads without an issue...


Link to related server logs : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3k1jhuukh71yd0f/A2SwwFDqer

Images of error popups attached.



Other info that might be relevant:

4th Gen i7 4770k

AsRock z87Fatal1ty Professional Mobo

32GB Ram (Corsair VLP)

EVGA GeForce GTX 760-Ti SSC Edition

Samsung SSD (OS Drive)

4 WD Red 3TB Storage Drives)


I also Run Plex (to serve Roku Media until the Roku Channel is a bit more stable)

Serviio as well to hit a couple blu-ray players...

I use Media Center Master to parse my metadata





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Will do on the logs, What is the current version?  Am I way behind on updates somehow?  I've had 5 or six updates in the last week, (silly me for not checking the version numbers) and after each it said up to date...  Did I get stuck in some weird anti-update loop?

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4936 is really old. that's going back several months. a lot has changed since then, including our update routines, so i'm not surprised there's an issue. i would suggest an uninstall followed by a clean install.

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also please attach logs here in the forum going forward. it allows us to read them in the browser without having to first download from dropbox

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  • 1 year later...

Can anyone please help me. i have emby on my Linux server (ubuntu 15.04) i have noticed that when i apply update throught the emby server site address it installs the update and then when it restarts it crashes and wont restart. this happens even if i just do a restart and the only way to start emby back up is through comand line. 

Can someone please help me to fix this problem as i would like to be able to just restart server directly from emby.


Eagerly awaiting your reply


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This topic is two years old.  I applaud your searching beforehand but whatever you are encountering is undoubtedly something other than what this topic was and it is in Linux so I would start a new thread in that forum and provide a log.  Thanks.

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