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Extra Device List Items showing up


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I was comparing the web UI and the updated android client and the devices lists appear to be substantially different. My DLNA devices show up twice for the raspberryPis one of which doesn't actually work when trying to use it.



Based on the images above I can make the assumption that the app is setup to pick up local devices on the network it resides on however it doesnt appear to be able to control any of them successfully also its a little distracting when your on your own local network since it seems redundant.


I assume the "Chromecasts near me" is there for the chromecast guest mode I haven't ever come into a situation where I needed to use the guest feature yet.


One other weird thing is that the Kodi box only shows up when I am on my local network and not in the web app. Is this by design?



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it's detecting airplay devices, which was mistakenly left in there, but it's not fully implemented yet. the web browser has no way of detecting those so that's why they don't show up there

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