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Transcode before importing to library


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I previosly posted this as a question in the thread for evolving the folder sync plugin but I will post here also as an official feature request.



I would like to see either the folder sync plugin or maybe some separeted function that would allow me to do the following:

  • specify a folder for incoming media eg. movies and episodes
  • specify one or several transcoding settings according to my preference
  • have the funtion transcode the media and then move it into my media collection
  • a select option to specify if i want to remove the original or archive it in some other location

This would let me make sure that I always have my media collection in a uniformed state. With optimal configuration I could avoid most on-the-fly transcoding.


I am using the folder sync plugin for this purpose today by transcoding all new arrivals to an external drive and then manually moving them back into my media collection and removing the originals. The proposed change would allow me to completely automate this.



Thanks to all developers involved in the projects involving Emby. The work you done so far is amazing.

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Yea at the moment you'd have to use something like folder sync to convert existing files and then replace them

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