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Chromecast subtitles


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I am running Emby Server version 3.0.5621.4. It casts to Chromecast nicefully controling pause skip and almost all aspects of the session.


Problem is with subtitles.


1) Subtitle stream selection

When playing MKVs with both embedded subtitles and external srt files server chooses the external srt file and does not allow changing to the embedded one.


2) Special chars

Though special chars (e.g.: á, é, õ and ç) on ansi srt files are rendered ok on web client, Roku and Android clients, chromecast does not render subtitles containing these chars. If srt file is converted to UTF-8 chromecast render all subtitles.


I can grab any log file and attach it to this post, just tell me what would be of use.


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