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Taskbar Always Showing

Blue Kachina

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Blue Kachina

Hi All;

Windows taskbar is always present for me while in Emby Theater despite its window being maximized (and set to fullscreen via the purpleish button that appears during video playback).


I'm running Emby Theater Version 3.0.5621.22052 and connecting to Server Version 3.0.5621.4

The server is being run from the same machine as the client I'm running which is all on Windows 8.1

Using the linked to hardware: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/3BtJ7P and configured for nVidia Surround ( Bezel Corrected 5760 to 5960x1080 ).

I've disabled all notifications (save for 3 system notifications: clock, volume, network) so as to try to minimize the possibility that something is preventing the taskbar from hiding.


Has anyone else run into this issue?


Program behaviour seems erratic with respect to multiple monitors while in nVidia Surround mode, so I suspect an incompatibility between Emby Theater/nVidia Surround setups.

Example: Sometimes the program's UI appears on monitor 3 while the playback takes place (almost) properly on the center monitor (monitor 2). Some nights when I load it up though, both the UI and the playback occurs on my center monitor (monitor 2).  


Another issue, though quite possibly related:

Never do my side monitors go dark when running Emby Theater in fullscreen like they would in other full screen programs



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