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loading of a channel

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I would like to say thank you for all the progress made on the live TV functionality. My setup has become a lot more stable after the last couple of release. So thank you


I have some question to other who are using TV regarding load performance.  First, my setup is an i7 4790k and raid0 with 2 ssd. I am using dvblogic service and dvblogic pluing, which is located on the same machine. The dvblogic service(dvb-c) is 100% stable no issues at all in 8mc. I can load a channel in 3 seconds in 8mc


In emby server it takes me around 30 seconds to show picture from a HD channel. 22 of the 30 seconds goes with ffprobe process (it seems like the ffprobe process is called twice, but not sure). ffmpeg process uses the last seconds. In emby theater the picture is shown after 22 seconds, because no transcoding is done.


  • Are other people seeing the same load times?
  • Is there anything one can try to improve the loading for channels?



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Thank you for your answers. I don't use recordings, but I tried the functionality. I recorded a couple of show(seconds) in 8mc. I can see the recordings in 8mc, but not in emby theater\live tv\recordings - just a black page. I'm running dev releases on server and theater


Hope it helps

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