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Emby Connect Remote Access issue


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I'd like to know if i need to forward the ports to have Emby Connect work ?


I further explain my issue:

- my server is at location A

- i can't connect to my server, even using app.emby.media from a location B

- however app.emby.media does work when i'm in location A.


I've tried to open the port 8096, and indeed, it is then working, even from location B.

However, it is also possible to access the server dirrectly from http://My_WAN_IP:8096 ... hence i don't understand the interest of app.emby.media..


Thank you for your feedback



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Yes but i mean, is it normal to open the ports 8096 ? this is the way it is supposed to work ?

Then i don't see the purpose of app.emby.media ? why not just use the WAN IP to access to the server ?


I would have liked to be able to access to the server from app.emby.media but not from the direct IP address (security reasons).

isn't it possible ?

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No.  In order for your server to be accessible from the outside it, well, needs to be accessible from the outside :).


All app.emby.media does is make it very easy to find and connect to your server.  Think of it as a dynamic dns service.  it is just routing you to the proper place.

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app.emby.media talks to your server using the WAN IP, therefore you need to ensure the ports are open. The purpose of it is to allow users to not have to worry so much about the IP address.


There's really no other way it could get through, so I'm not sure what you're suggesting as the alternative.

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ok thank you for your answers.

it is all clear now. Then it is necessary to set passwords to the user accounts I guess :)


Thanks, this is great work you are doing.

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