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Server: Auto-Organize warns of missing media


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Pretty much what the title says. I'd like to see in the organize log any media that might be skipped.


For example if I had the following folder:

Emby Watch folder

--Owari no Seraph

----Season 1

------>Owari no Seraph.s01e01.mkv

------>Owari no Seraph.s01e03.mkv

------>Owari no Seraph.s01e04.mkv


and I try to add the file "Owari no Seraph.s01e06.mkv". I'd like to see in auto-organize something like the following:


Moved: Owari no Seraph.s01e06

Missing Media: Owari no Seraph.s01e02

Missing Media: Owari no Seraph.s01e05


This simple feature would make file management far easier. Right now I have to occasionally check episodes and filter by "missing episodes". Which I have about 200, some legit and others not so legit. Not very easy to sort through but I am glad it's there, one day maybe I'll get that to 0 (unlikely).

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Or you could go to Reports-Episodes-filter Missing episodes to show every missing episode for every series in your collection.

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