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FR Web client: Make Next Up Page Auto Refresh on Exit


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Feature request, plus a possible bug.


When you are watching a show from the next up page in the emby browser page, could you have the page auto refresh when the TV episode you were watching finishes... and here's the bug I mentioned...  because items in the list are no longer marked as watched (with the little green tick) as they used to be.


2 reasons for this.


1: It eliminates the issue of things not being marked as watched

2: More importantly, it allows you to watch the next episode without having to refresh the page manually.


Pic relates to the page in question.


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I think the fact that the web client is static is very annoying. If we were able to at least refresh the frame inside if it's not possible to have auto refresh.... It does the same thing in the dashboard. Sometimes, I think playback report is not working, but then I refresh and the playback appears.... When refreshing, it also resets the Play to device. Allow us to add a favorite device or something?


It's just very annoying to have to refresh the page because the information is not up to date. Everything is super interactive, yet this is still an issue. :(

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