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LiveTV favorites list truncation


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When using the roku app, the favorites list in the LiveTV section drops channels a lot of times. On the web guide I'll have maybe 14-16 channels, 12-13 of these channels will show up on the favorites list on the Roku. Most of the time the channel at the end will be missing from the favorites list. Logging out and logging back in sometimes fixes the problem. Say I have 516-530 favorited, 530 will likely be missing as well as one or two channels in between from the Live TV stripe. Web view of EMBY will be fine though in browser. 


Roku 1.96

Server tried 3.0.5572.0 as well as 3.0.5582.2 beta

HDHomeRun prime 

ServerWMC build 1190


Not sure where to begin with a bug report like this. Which logs need to be provided? I can dump the server logs for sure... not sure how to get records from the other systems if required. 


Anyone else have an issue here or know how to fix this? 


EDIT: Found how to enable development mode on the Roku, will try to get some paired server and roku logs if a dev thinks this is required. 

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