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Convert media so no transcoding needed


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Looking for some advice.


My setup is laptop (Windows 7 64-bit) with the server software (mbs not compatible with my NAS at this time). This is connected wirelessly to my readynas NV+ v2, which is wired to the internet. My client are: NowTV box in front room, Samsung Smart TV in the bedroom and MB android app on phone.

I am unable to directly connect my laptop to the NAS.

I get a fair bit of buffering, especially with movies, and was thinking about possibly converting all my media to a format that will be recognised by all my clients so that I can direct play.

Firstly, are there any settings (on the nas/mbs/NowTV) anyone can recommend that may help reduce buffering

Secondly, what format will all my clients be able to direct play - I would rather not go down this route as it will take forever to convert all my media, but know that I may have no choice in the end


Thanks for any help/info you can give me

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You should take a look at the device manuals for your client devices but I expect the answer will be something like 480 and 720p h264 content in an MP4 container with 2 channel AAC sound.



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Koleckai Silvestri

The NowTV box is a pre-2015 Roku 2 device that has been repackaged. You can see its file formats here:

I have no problems playing 1080p media on my rokus.

The media formats for Android are listed here:

You can use Handbrake to create different resolutions and containers for your devices. The Emby server will then try to send the right format to the device to avoid transcoding.


The most universal format will be to use an MP4 container containing h.264 video and AAC 2-channel stereo audio. MP4 can contain PGSUBS but not SRT streams. If you have external SRT streams, the server can often send those to the device directly or if it needs to do so just transcode that portion of the feed.

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If you are looking to batch convert everything you may want to look at my free app...as it might fit the bill.


It will conditionally encode to h264 if it's not already. It can resize video to a few different resolutions...either by width, height or both. It will encode audio to ether AC3 or AAC. It will stuff all streams into MP4 or MKV. It will embed subtitles if possible.


Possibly the coolest feature is it will allow you to give your volume buttons on your remote a rest...as all processed videos will have the audio processed in ether ReplayGain or R128.



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