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Server Crash!


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So I had my system drive fail (Kingston SSD - 3rd SSD I've lost but first Kingston) and I have reloaded onto another disk. I initially set up users as locations (living room, upstairs, etc.) but I thought it might be a better idea to create users this time that were actual family members instead of locations. Unfortunately, I am now stuck with my clients, all running MBC (release) trying to auto-login as one of the old location usernames. I read in a post on here that there is a setting in configuration (General tab I think) that allows you to change the user that auto-logins. However, while I am able to see that info, I am unable to change it. I cannot, with a mouse or the remote, actually select any field under that Auto-Login header. Any ideas?


I've uninstalled and reinstalled and removed the Program Data folder too. I am thinking a fresh install would do this but maybe this is on the server end? Should I just make the various locations as users all over again and then I'll have access to deselect? Fortunately, it's just a niggling little problem as it makes an error noise, I click ok, and I am taken to the user login screen. That being said, MBC crashes, freezes, and glitches enough on me without this new issue as a nice little cherry.

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