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Episode Showing Missing


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I recently reviewed the missing episode report and noticed one of the episodes I ripped quite a while ago is showing "missing." I verified that the episode is still in the folder and plays fine. I also attempted to run the "refresh" option in the season folder and "scan media library" scheduled task on the server, but neither resolve the problem. Is it possible to force a full rescan of a series or season?


Server Version: Version 3.0.5572.0

OS: Windows 8.1

If it matters: the media is stored locally on the server, and I use UNC paths for it.


I have no idea when this problem first presented, so I included the most recent log which should include when I scanned the library.


I've put the screenshots in spoiler tags so the post takes up less room.








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I know this has been I while. I don't normally comment on very old posts, but I finnally found out what caused the problem and thought others might benefit.


I'm now on server version: 3.0.5781.5

OS: Windows 10


The episode's name is "The Sample Closet" (Huff Season 1 Episode 11). I had previously named it as "Huff - S01E11 - The Sample Closet" (this is also what the auto organize did each time I tried re-adding it). When named like this the server never found it during a library scan and the episode would always show missing. I discovered that if I leave off the episode name the episode is detected.


Through a little trial and error I've identified the word "Sample" is causing the server to ignore the file during library scans. By simply renaming the file to change that word (I used "S'mple"), the scan works as expected and the episode is detected and working.

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