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MBServer Update Issue


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Hey all,

I hope someone can help.. heres my issue:



Homeserver starts >>> MBServer launches at start up >>> 5 Mins pass >>> MBServer shutsdown


When i check the message log i see:


Please restart Media Browser Server to finish updating.

2 minutes ago

A new version of Media Browser Server has been installed.

2 minutes ago



When i manually click on MBServer Icon to restart it, it says version

When i go to the dash board it has a grey icon saying "Please restart to finish updating" with a restart icon

If i click on the icon, MBServer will close and remain closed until i manually restart it, but then its still @ with "please restart ..blah blah..."


I can not seem to get my MBServer to complete the "Restart"  to apply the update...

In my settings i have auto restart after update to apply checked.. but everytime it shuts down, it stays shutdown and never restarts.. therefore never applys update therefore only works for 2-3 mins..


Please HELP!!


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