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Specials - Please add ability to show at least one level of folders with this


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I like the  special featues of movies, tv series, etc...


it would be nice if i could have all the deleted scenes in a folder called deleted scenes.

The way it works now i have to add "Deleted - " to the title of the deleted scene.  This goes for more than deleted scenes of course.. Goofs, Featruettes, makings of, cast and crew interfiews, you name it.


Now I don't need to have nested folders, just one level of folders.  MBT doesn't even need to represent it as a folder...you can use whatever you feel would be good...just a line separating one folder from the rest would work for me it just would need the title of the folder.


so it would look like this:


Deleted Scenes

1. Play all

2. (Name of deleted scene)


25. (Name of deleted scene)



1. Play all

2. (Name of Blooper)



Or if no folders then a XML file to display stuff the way you want.

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I agree, it would be great to have a way to classify features in the Specials folders, it could be with a tag like in the collections feature something like "[Deleted Scenes]"

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